How can I get my customers to say ‘YES’

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What are those perfect words that elicit the magical response from potential customers?

‘I’m interested – tell me more’, delivers fun and personal workshops with just 4 participants to help you hone your online introduction, elevator pitch, 40 or 60 seconds, so your audience are really clear about your value add, so they are more likely to refer you to their friends and colleagues or buy from you themselves.

The workshop is delivered on Zoom, lasts 2 hours and costs £120.00 inclusive of VAT

Next workshop dates:

  • 23rd Sept 10.30am     SOLD OUT
  • 15th Oct 2.00pm         SOLD OUT
  • 3rd Nov 10.30am        SOLD OUT
  • 17th Nov 9.30am         SOLD OUT
  • 9th Dec 1.30pm           SOLD OUT
  • 15th Dec 1.30pm         3 SPACES AVAILABLE
  • 12th Jan 10.30am       3 SPACES AVAILABLE
  • 20th Jan 1pm               4 SPACES AVAILABLE
  • 9th Feb 10am               4 SPACES AVAILABLE